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Winter. The coldest season of the year. A time when the days are at their darkest and shortest, yet feel the longest. With a lack of sunshine, the energy level of the body can go into a hibernation mode, making us feel sluggish, lethargic and, well, tired. During these months we find reasons to over-indulge on foods, eat less healthy produce, and most importantly make excuses to not exercise.

Stretching joints and muscles is beneficial for the body. This improves circulation, reduces stiffness and can even help you warm up. Building heat from the inside raises energy levels during the day, and improves sleep at night. Studies indicate that a regular yoga practice provides all around well-being for the body and the mind, anytime of year. Lena Schmidt a Chopra Center Contributor, and Certified Yoga Instructor discusses 6 Yin Yoga Poses for Winter. Casting for Recovery’s favorite Yin Yoga pose? Supported Fish Pose, no doubt — a pose that creates space in the heart, both physically and emotionally.

Start practicing the 6 Yin Yoga Poses

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