The ‘Pink Fly Club’ is a series of free online programs and resources to help women stay connected pre and post attending a CfR retreat.

Session One: ‘Netting Nutrition Knowledge for Breast Cancer’ with Mary Parker Forbus, MS, RD, CSO, LD


Session Two: ‘Mindfulness in Nature’ with Amy Sugeno, LCSW

Check out this helpful resource prepared by Amy Sugeno:
Coping With Cancer: How Mindfulness Can Help


Session Three: ‘Go Fish’ with Jen Lofgren and Kay DuShane

Ready to Fly Solo? (Fish on Your Own)
How to Continue Fly Fishing After Casting for Recovery

Pink Fly Club programming for sessions 1-3,  was underwritten by:


Session Four: ‘Fluent Movement on the Fly’ with Lindsay Kocka

Stay tuned for information and upcoming Pink Fly Club sessions in 2022!

Thank you.


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