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Ribbon 360 provides specialized fitness programs to meet the emotional and physical needs of women with breast cancer. The program consists of one to two 50 minute sessions per week for 12 sessions. Sessions consist of gentle stretches and exercises, meditation, and self-massage techniques. While studies now conclusively show the need for exercise during and after treatments, support for the emotional trauma breast cancer survivors feel throughout their journey is just as important as their physical needs. These private, one-on-one sessions allow the person to feel comfortable, secure and safe.

Common side effects after breast cancer surgeries, treatments and reconstruction may include pain, decreased shoulder strength, loss of range of motion and lymphedema. PR360 can help survivors stretch and strengthen those areas, improve functional ability, posture, and energy levels, as well as decrease feelings of anxiety and depression. 

The founder of PR360, Teri Friedland, is an occupational therapist, certified breast cancer exercise specialist, and fitness instructor. She saw the need to help provide a bridge between treatments or rehab and recovery, supporting survivors to live independently and feel confident.

Below, Teri provides some movements to increase strength (great to use prior to attending a CfR retreat or before heading out on the water) that can be utilized or added on to your existing exercise routine. If you are new to exercise, this program may help. It’s an important step toward regaining control of your life.

Always check with your doctor before participating in any exercise programs.

1. Shoulder Rolls:

a. Back Rolls: Gently and slowly roll the shoulders up, back and down. *This doesn’t have to be a large movement to be effective. Feel your shoulder blades and chest muscles moving.

b. Forward Rolls: Gently and slowly roll the shoulders up forward and around.

2. Seated Shoulder Slides:

a. Out/In: Reach your arms in front of you with your arms slightly lower than shoulder height. Inhale and draw your shoulder blades together without arching your back while moving your arms to the sides. Exhale and return to center.

b. Forward/Back: Reach your arms in front of you again, inhale and slide your shoulder blades apart as you feel your fingertips being pulled away from you. Exhale and return to center.

Pink Ribbon 360 or email Teri:

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