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We’re excited to introduce the CfR Ty-Rite! No more dropped flies! The Ty-Rite holds your flies and hooks securely on the water. This clever tying tool makes it easy and effortless to change flies to quickly match the hatch!

Take a moment to watch a Ty-Rite video below and purchase your Ty-Rite here.

Learn how to use a Ty-Rite!

It’s easy to use:

Push in plunger and insert bend of the fish hook under Ty-Rite hook at end of barrel. Release Plunger.

Thread leader through eye of fish hook and form a loop. Leave about 1-1.5″ of leader at the end.

Turn Ty-Rite at least 6 full turns (more for heavy line).

Pass free end of leader through loop. Hold end against barrel with your thumb.

Pull the main line only. You should feel the knot seat. Clip off excess leader and release hook and go fishing!

The Original Ty-Rite, strongly believes in the conservation of our natural resources & giving back to communities.  They understand that caring for each other & the planet we live on together is more important than our individual needs.

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