Fueled By 1800 Volunteers Nationwide.

Casting for Recovery is an organization fueled by volunteers. We rely on the enthusiasm and dedication of our volunteers for fundraising, planning and staffing retreats. More than 1,800 volunteers are hard at work for CfR across the country. Our volunteer community includes medical and psychosocial professionals, fly fishing instructors and retreat alumnae. Whether you’re an avid fly fisher, a go-getting fundraiser or just a passionate supporter, we need your help! Check out the volunteer opportunities below, and complete a volunteer application today to get involved. 

Medical Facilitator

Serves as a resource of information about breast cancer and as a reassuring presence to participants throughout the retreat weekend; works closely with Psychosocial Facilitator to support participant needs; facilitates a discussion of the physical effects of breast cancer and leads warm-up exercises before casting practice.  Does not provide medical services at the retreat.

Qualifications:  Medical professionals (i.e.oncology nurse, an oncologic physician, breast surgeon, breast nurse navigator, etc.) who have a working knowledge of current breast cancer treatments and follow-up, including potential complications (e.g. loss of motion, lymphedema, fatigue, etc.), and survivorship issues such as diet and nutrition, reconstructive surgery, risk of recurrence, etc. Current CPR/First Aid certification.

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Psychosocial Facilitator

Facilitates group activities and discussion on the emotional effect of breast cancer; ensures an inclusive and open atmosphere; monitors the emotional needs of participants and staff and provides support as needed throughout the retreat.

Qualifications:  Professional licensure, degrees or certifications (OSW-C, LPC, LMFT, MSW) are desirable and at least 3 years of experience conducting Individual and/or group therapy and support groups in oncology. Experienced in breast cancer, trauma and bereavement issues.

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Program Coordinator

Develops, inspires, and leads a volunteer team committed to the responsibilities associated with organizing and fundraising for the CfR program in your area.  Works collaboratively with national office staff to recruit team members, ensure adequate coverage of essential team roles, and acts as the liaison to the national office. 

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Retreat Leader

Responsible for the management of the retreat during the course of the two and a half days according to established CfR guidelines and protocol.

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Participant Coordinator

Communicates with all selected participants with pre-retreat planning/communications. Serves as the main point of contact prior to the retreat for questions. Contacts alternates as needed.

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Fly Fishing Instructor

Leads and/or assists with demonstrations and classroom sessions to teach the basics of fly fishing according to CfR casting/instructor protocol.  May serve as a Fishing Guide during catch-and-release fishing during the retreat. 

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Fishing Guide

Serves as a volunteer fly fishing instructor/guide for a CfR participant for a half-day of catch-and-release fly fishing on the final day of the retreat.

Qualifications:  An experienced fly fisher, comfortable wading and assisting a beginner angler in moving water. Open to both male & female anglers.

Read the full description and some tips on teaching women with breast cancer to fly fish.

Fishing Guide Coordinator

Responsible for recruiting, vetting, educating and organizing Fishing Guide to guide CfR participants for catch-and-release fly fishing on the final day of the retreat.

Qualifications: Experienced fly angler possessing contacts with local guides or experienced anglers who are qualified to be Fishing Guide – adept at reading water, choosing productive flies, able to quickly set up equipment and re-rig, strong wading ability, etc. Possess in-depth knowledge about the fishing location. Possess organizational, electronic and communication skills to coordinate, triage, motivate, and manage Fishing Guide.

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Serves as a greeter and helps participants feel comfortable and welcome throughout the retreat.

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Get Involved

There are many way to help us beyond the roles described above. The volunteer application provides an opportunity to list your skills/interests and the ways you would like to be involved.


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