COFH 2019

Casting for Recovery’s 7th Annual Cast One for Hope (COFH), event was a success! Last weekend (September 27 – 28, 2019) the event kicked off at  Flying Horse MT with a casual reception [...]

View Behind the Lens

Elsa Espino is a Freelance Photographer and Fly Fisherwoman living in New York City. She recently photographed the Casting for Recovery Long Island retreat. Here’s what she captured. [...]

BC Resource Guide

Women in the United States have a “1 in 8” (or about 13 percent) lifetime risk of getting a breast cancer diagnosis. Like many cancers, breast cancer may not necessarily display symptoms, [...]

COFH 2019

One of our favorite weekends of the year is our annual fishing event, Cast One for Hope, set in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana. This will be our 7th Annual! Join us as we provide you [...]

Labor of Love!

Here at Casting for Recovery, time flies! We’re almost ¾ finished with the 2019 retreat season. Though Summer is officially winding down, twenty retreats will be hosted throughout various [...]

Save Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay is a habitat for numerous animal species, including 29 types of fish, 190+ birds, and numerous terrestrial mammals. It is a world-renowned commercial and sport fishery for Pacific [...]

Getting the Lead Out

This week, Martha Robertson, National Participant Coordinator, takes us on an adventure that leads to getting the lead out. — The message had come in: meet at 8:30 pm at the pre-designated [...]

2018 Impact Report

Flip through the 2018 Casting for Recovery Impact Report to see participant testimonials, program highlights, financials and more! Special thanks to our national sponsors, donors and volunteers [...]

CfR Ty-Rite

We’re excited to introduce the CfR Ty-Rite! No more dropped flies! The Ty-Rite holds your flies and hooks securely on the water. This clever tying tool makes it easy and effortless to [...]

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