CfR New Hampshire

Casting for Recovery Vermont/New Hampshire hosted an inaugural retreat at the Barbara C. Harris Center, in Greenfield, New Hampshire on June 7-9. It was a great weekend with weather being more [...]

Build a TMR Bamboo Rod

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths and Casting for Recovery have paired up to offer one lucky gal to win the opportunity to build a bamboo fly rod in Bozeman, MT. This bamboo rod building class is a [...]

Stevinson Automotive

At Casting for Recovery, we believe cancer is expensive enough! We continue to remain committed to ensuring our programs are provided entirely free of cost to the women who attend. All across the [...]

Lucky Lids of CfR

Prior to joining Casting for Recovery and becoming an enthused angler, I didn’t often wear hats of any kind, baseball, beanie, cowboy, beret (think you get the drift). The sport of fly [...]

Moms are Fly!

Moms are fly! You wouldn’t be reading this right now without one. A mother brings you into the world, giving you the precious gift of life. A mother is unique, kind, brave, loving, loyal, fierce, [...]

A Waders’ POV

This week we’re getting the scoop straight from the mouth of a special and observant pair of waders! The ultimate point of view, you don’t want to miss. — The CfR 2019 Retreat [...]

Trilogy Aviation

This week we’re featuring Trilogy Aviation Group’s partnership with Corporate Angel Network. Together, they are providing free private jet flights in support of cancer treatment. Read [...]

Urban Anglers USA

We’ve paired up with Urban Anglers USA to raffle off the baddest, raddest, recycled fishing net in ALLLLLLLLL the land. Support CfR by taking a chance on a pink River Rats Net donated by [...]

Rocky & Jack

On June 30, 2017 Casting for Recovery (CfR) packed up the Manchester, VT office and shipped everything to Bozeman, open the new CfR office. This meant that myself and two other Vermont [...]

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