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While unnecessary travel is still discouraged and in some places still restricted, I’m dreaming of my upcoming vacation this summer, (with extreme caution, of course). Though my getaway isn’t until August, I’m already planning about what I can pack my bag to gills with and wanted to share a few of my favorite things.

SIMMS Dry Creek Roll Bag –  This roll-top, seam-sealed design keeps everything inside it safe from sprays or splashes that happen when you are in and around water. Perfect for fishing gear, bathing suits or to hold dirty laundry, it’s a must-pack and I admit, I’m obsessed and have even used it to haul groceries in a pinch.

Custom Casting for Recovery BUFF – BUFF Original Multifunctional Headwear is designed with a 4-Way, seamless, ULTRA STRETCH fabric that features UPF 50 protection, and 100% recycled REPREVE Performance Microfiber. It serves a purpose year-round and provides protection from the sun, wind, and rain. There are many ways to wear your BUFF and it is even known to better a bad hair day.  

YETI – Rambler 18oz White Bottle with CfR Logo – An item I use EVERY DAY! From the first 5:30am coffee pour, to the 5:00pm Tito’s on ice, this drinking vessel is a BFF. Manufactured from 18/1 stainless steel (look, Ma – no dents) it takes a licking while advocating for my favorite non-profit! If you’re a wine aficionado check these out.

Thrive Causmetics Brilliant Eye Brightener – Non-toxic and nourishing with a hint of shimmer, this product makes me look instantly alive during the tired days. Thrive Causmetics believes in responsive giving to support women in the most meaningful way possible. In 2019, Thrive donated $30,000,000 worth of their beauty products to more than 50 charities, including CfR. For every product purchased, they donate to help women thrive.

Bobo’s Oat Bars – I have these wholesome and delicious oat bars stashed in my glove compartment, my desk, and sometimes in the back pocket of my pants. Bobo’s Oat Bars come in a variety of flavors and are baked with 100% Whole Grains. Always fresh, always tasty and especially filling. Fresh-baked and honest to Goodness Ingredients. Save 25% off your first online purchase. Code to use at checkout: CASTING4RECOVERY.

Costa Copras – My blue eyes are sensitive to sunlight. I wear sunglasses almost every day no matter how bright the sun is. A classic design with polarized lenses, these provide major protection, lessen my crow’s toes (you know, those fine lines around the eye) and pulls together my “look.” If my Copra’s could talk, they’d have stories to tell, because they’ve experienced a lot on land, in the air, and at sea. 

JuJu Supply Co.  – Since childhood, I’ve been a BIG believer in lucky trinkets, healing stones, and the evil eye. When JuJu Supply Co. supported Casting for Recovery several years back, I became a big fan. JuJu Supply Co. has a collection of signature charms and jangles for healing, protection, renewal and more. I have created my own unique jangle that I wear daily and keep close to my heart.  No matter what we’re going through, we can all use a little good JuJu. 

We all know of that travel “must-have”. Message me and let me know what yours is: Tiffany.Greene@castingforrecovery.org

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