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It’s hard to believe that here at Casting for Recovery we’re moving steadily through the 2021 retreat season. With 21 retreats down and 17 remaining, this is the perfect time to reflect back on a few participant images and testimonials. Though the 2021 retreat season has looked differently than years past due to COVID-19, CfR participant’s are still able to safely “Catch the Power of Nature.” And undoubtedly, breast cancer survivors need our retreat experience more than ever. Take a look at a few recent images and testimonials.

“This helped me more than I thought it would. Talking, asking questions, sharing stories, and getting to know so many other women who can relate to my experience gave me the emotional release that I needed.” – Western Pennsylvania, participant

“I had heard of this program many years ago but assumed it was not for me. I am reserved emotionally. My oncology nurse encouraged me to apply. She had been a participant years ago. If she had not encouraged me I never would have gone. I am so happy that she did, somehow she knew that I needed it and that it was the right environment for me.” – Vermont participant

“I am so happy that I got to attend, Thank you! I was anxious, not sure what to expect, but was so comfortable with all the amazing women -participants AND staff. It was such a comfort and relief to be around women with related issues. There is an automatic bond, an acceptance, and an understanding. And so supportive! I’m also really thrilled to have discovered a sport/activity that I can dive into. I have tons to learn still but can’t get over how much you jam packed into the weekend, and how much we learned, and how much we did. It felt like such an accomplishment.” – Indiana participant

“A chance to learn something new and to feel powerful in being able to learn something new. A chance to slow down and enjoy the peacefulness of nature. A great opportunity to meet inspirational people on and off the water.” – Upstate New York participant

“Being around other women who have been or are going through similar experiences. I have not been able to meet or spend time with other breast cancer patients because I was diagnosed and treated entirely during the COVID pandemic. There were no support groups or any type of non medical support offered by the hospital.” – Vermont participant

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