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And a new partnership is born! April Archer, SaraBella Fishing CEO/Founder, breaks down the Casting for Recovery and SaraBella Fishing Collaboration, A powerful partnership supporting women with breast cancer through fly fishing

Water heals. Fly fishing connects, inspires, and rejuvenates. SaraBella Fishing is thrilled to collaborate with CfR so that together, we can support the impact made by this terrific organization.

At SaraBella Fishing, we recognize that life is fragile, precious, complicated, and beautiful. We know that challenges happen to good people, and we don’t understand why. We feel that through life’s obstacles, fly fishing is one way for humans to gather, to laugh, to cry, to celebrate, to dance, and to escape. That said, we love the mission and the impact of Casting for Recovery!

Breast cancer has affected SaraBella Fishing directly and indirectly. One of SaraBella’s rod-builders, David McElwain, is a male breast cancer survivor. Since battling breast cancer, he is now healthy and active! He joined SaraBella’s team after his mastectomy/chemo/radiation, and he yearned to improve the neuropathy in his arm. Through fly casting, rod-building, fly tying, an aggressive care team, and a positive outlook on life, he has made great progress and enjoys contributing to our team. David is special through his talent, his kindness, and his wonderful Arkansas voice. If you have a rod build by David, you fish with a work of art that was built with heart and soul.

Our public relations coordinator has also been battling breast cancer for many years. She doesn’t complain, she smiles, she fights, and she humbly inspires us in so many ways. She gives her heart and soul, she brings so much joy; we love her dearly. 

My maternal grandmother fought breast cancer 2 times, my cousin battled 2 times, and I went through BRCA testing a few years ago (negative). Having 3 daughters, I wanted to understand the risks, and prevention/awareness is so important.

Together with Casting for Recovery, we understand the powerful physical and mental health benefits of connecting people to water. SaraBella looks forward to continuing our efforts of collaboration with CfR, and together, we can make a BIG impact for breast cancer.


How it works:

  1. Buy a SaraBella rod at
  2. Enter code: SB-CfR-75
  3. In checkout notes, tell SaraBella if you’d like the CfR pink fly decal placed on your rod
  4. SaraBella will build + ship your rod (delivery time is ~ 5 weeks)
  5. SaraBella will donate $75 to Casting for Recovery!
  6. Enjoy your r
  7. od and know that you helped to make an impact!

You get to:

  1. Support Casting for Recovery
  2. Support a woman-owned small business
  3. Support the Survivors who work at SaraBella
  4. Support made-in-Colorado fly fishing products

We promise to:

  • Commit to CfR past the month of October;
  • Build excellent Colorado-made products that support “smart beautiful fishing”; and,
  • Promote awareness about breast cancer and about the physical/mental benefits of fly fishing.
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