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Moms are fly! You wouldn’t be reading this right now without one. A mother brings you into the world, giving you the precious gift of life. A mother is unique, kind, brave, loving, loyal, fierce, organized, and giving (yes, that only gets the ball rolling)! Whether you are A mother or have the BEST mother, undoubtedly, you are blessed. With Mother’s Day right around the river bend, we’re getting all the feels, Casting for Recovery is excited to offer an exclusive “Fly Mom” bundle from Hatch Outdoors. This is the perfect way to honor a fishy mama stylishly on or off the water. Check out the bundle details below.

Hatch Nippers are constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum and protected with Type II Anodize. With replaceable tungsten carbide cutters, these nippers make reliable cuts through mono and fluorocarbon materials, every time.

The Flyvines lanyard is great for all types of uses. For fly fishing, a lanyard is essential for holding tippet, clippers, hemostats and floatant. Don’t forget! Mom can hang her ski pass from it or utilize it as a name tag and business card holders.  Each lanyard is hand braided making each piece one of a kind and made with recycled fly-fishing line.

Flyvines bracelets are hand braided using recycled fly line. Uniquely fishy and comfortable on your wrist or ankle. Each bracelet is one of a kind and is easily adjusted to fit.

Purchase your Fly Mom Hatch Outdoors bundle HERE.

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