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Mimi painting a ‘little’ at Big Sky Anglers, 3rd Annual Grand Opening Celebration!

Last weekend, amazing artist and CfR supporter, Mimi Matsuda, attended the Big Sky Anglers3rd Annual Grand Opening Celebration. Mimi prepared over 20 face/arm painting images to paint on those who attended the celebration.

Mimi didn’t anticipate how busy she would be painting faces and arms on all ages. It kept her busy for seven hours straight. She found it to be overwhelming and so awesome. People were sooo excited! Mimi said that everyone was very kind and generously stuffed the donation jar with $240! Many survivors came in to join in the fun and support CfR with a body painting. It was a wonderful time with the opportunity to chat with folks while she painted.

Special thanks to Mimi! Please learn more about her work here!

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