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We’re excited to announce ENELL as a Casting for Recovery 2021 national sponsor! Enell provides high-performance supportive sports bras for well-endowed women. This Montana based company has changed both every-day lives and high-impact activities for women across the country.

Big has always been part of ENELL founder Renelle Braaten’s life. As an avid volleyball player, Renelle was forced to double-up on bras during her workouts. Frustrated with the lack of support (literally and figuratively) in the market, Renelle put her entrepreneurial spirit to work and recruited the one person she knew would understand and help—her mom. A talented seamstress, Renelle’s mom went to work constructing a bra built to SUPPORT, STABILIZE and SECURE.

Soon friends and fellow athletes were getting in on the action. In pursuit of the perfect bra, Renelle recruited several women for wear testing, and teamed up with a leading authority on sports bra research. After extensive testing in a sports biomechanics lab, the ENELL SPORT Bra was introduced in 1993. ENELL SPORT hit the market in multiple sizes for high-impact activities.

Renelle and team went on to introduce the ENELL LITE Bra in 2007 and continue to GO BIG, from fit to color, to provide the best for the breasts.

You can check out their full product line HERE. They are also generously donating 10% of HOPE bra sales back to CfR. We are super excited to do great work together to support women with breast cancer. Welcome to the Casting for Recovery family!

Learn more about the Enell story HERE.

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