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With the COVID-19 pandemic reaching its apex this week, the entire world has felt the virus’s effects— even if one has not contracted the virus. No one is quite sure how the economy will be affected on a local, national or global level. It’s safe to assume that it will have an impact and that impact will be severe with results that are long-lasting.

Daily reads about the global economy can be emotional and overwhelming with the stock market scary to digest alone. This week’s blog is encouraging you (if you’re able) to support your local economy, now more than ever during this unchartered time. Below are a few ways to get you started:

Yelp/Facebook Review: If you’re not in a position to purchase from local businesses right now, leaving a review is the next best thing and it’s free! This feedback sends messages to your favorite business that they are in your thoughts and will continue to support them after the pandemic is over.

Order Take Out:  Many food establishments are still open and operating with amenities such as take out, curbside service or even delivery. Enjoying your favorite meals by bringing them back to your home while socially distancing keeps businesses thriving in this difficult time. If you can afford it, treat yourself to a few meals this week!

Reschedule Cancelled Appointments: Hair, dentist and pedicure appointments you’ve had to miss out on, put on your calendar to reschedule as soon as it is safely possible to do so. Those who provide services feel relief knowing that work will eventually be coming their way, which makes a significant difference during this difficult time. 

Purchase Gift Cards or Order Online: Lots of local businesses offer gift cards. This is a great time to treat yourself or someone you love. It does seem difficult to believe, but Mother’s Day, birthdays and other gift-worthy events are still going to take place.  Now is the time to show your support by purchasing gift cards or make an online order that can be shipped. If your business is truly local, many businesses (fly shops included) are taking telephone orders and providing curbside pickup. Shopping now and gifting later can have a huge impact on your community. 

Tip Graciously: Have the ability to really make someone’s day? Provide a massive and unexpected tip. With a waitstaff (turned delivery driver) working fewer hours and receiving fewer tips, your gratuity provides the chance to help in ways unknown to you, like paying rent or utilities, student loans or just everyday bills. 

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