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This week, take a moment to relax while watching the free film, Nurture with Nature. It highlights the healing impacts of great outdoors. Be on the lookout for Casting for Recovery’s very own, Amy Sugeno, who is also featured in this short film.

“Humans were once in deep connection with the natural world, but modern lifestyles have severed this relationship with grave consequences to our mental and planetary health. A passionate community of social workers and advocates in Virginia, U.S.A. are establishing the practice of ecotherapy to help heal the human-nature rift and facilitate human well-being and environmental stewardship through nature connection. These experts share their personal and professional experiences, revealing how this “new field with ancient roots” can transform our lives by simultaneously healing our minds and our planet. Nurture with Nature takes a timely look at an effective, affordable, and side-effect free approach to addressing some of the biggest concerns of our modern era: climate change, rising mental health problems, and digital addiction. Featuring scenic footage from Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and James River system. The film represents a collaboration between two professors at William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia: Tanya Stadelmann from Film & Media Studies and Dr. Dorothy Ibes from Environmental Science and Policy.”

Produced and directed by Tanya Stadelmann & Dorothy Ibes.

Watch The Film Nurture With Nature

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