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Our latest From the Riffle series features Clarinda Calling Thunder, a 2016 Casting for Recovery alumnae. Read more about Clarinda and how CfR helped her gain trust, self-esteem and deep connection.

I learned to fish in the river (Little Wind River) behind the house I grew up in. A spin caster was what I used, if we didn’t have a rod or reel, my brother would cut a green willow, attach a line and a hook that was ingenuity, we never went home empty-handed. After I married my husband he would take me to where he grew up in mountains called Black Mountain. It was our weekend retreat. Every chance we had we would take our two sons to Crow Creek to fish and camp.

I had the experience of attending a CfR retreat in 2016. I had never fly fished; it was new to me. The feeling of casting and wading in the ponds was very peaceful and relaxing. If it wasn’t for Mary Turney (a CfR Program Coordinator and previous BOT Chair) talking me into going it wouldn’t have happened. I was scared to hear I was the minority of the group. On my way to the retreat, I turned at the sign Absaroka ranch, started down a dirt road with too many gates to open.  After the first two gates, I came to the third. As I was opening the gate, a huge bald eagle flew up from the creek below and flew up over my car! What a sight to see!  Seeing that eagle gave me the assurance that everything would be just fine.

Casting for Recovery means a lot to me, the peer support sincerely helped me gain trust in opening up and telling my story. I gained self-esteem that helped me make new friends and connect with other survivors. The ladies that volunteer are life changers, I came home feeling like I could challenge anything. I was able to volunteer for the Oklahoma retreat with Mary Turney. The hosts were amazing and provided great hospitality that I will never forget!

I see Casting for Recovery as growing to help women that are struggling with the aftermath of cancer, which instills hope, friendship and trust to live the life we were born to do.

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