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This week we asked Grants Manager, Candi Odde, questions that relate to her position here at Casting for Recovery. Learn more about Candi, how she discovered CfR and what she loves most about her job.

How did you come to work at CfR and how long have you been on staff?

As the Mission’s Manager for Komen Wyoming, I had my first introduction to CfR through our granting program.  CfR Wyoming applied for our small grants and became a consistent grantee until the closing of the Komen Wyoming Affiliate.  I loved the program on paper, but I really felt the impact when Mary invited funders to the final day celebration at the retreat.  Seeing the smiles and listening to the stories from the women whose lives were changed dramatically by the experiences that they had over the weekend, I knew then that I wanted to be a part of this organization somehow.  In 2016, an opportunity opened up to assist the organization with some grant writing responsibilities, which then opened a pathway for a position on the team. 

What is your current role at CfR and describe your main responsibilities?

I am the National Grants Manager for CfR.  My role encompasses everything having to do with prospecting, vetting, writing, and reporting on grants.  I work on grants for both the individual programs across the nation and for the National organization.

What’s a typical day like at CfR for you?

I spend all of my time on the computer.  I am either writing a grant or report, researching a grant, gathering materials for a grant or report, or working on organizational documents or research to ensure that we are always moving forward.

What do you love about your job? Why is that a good fit for you?

I truly love everything about working for this organization: the mission and vision that provides the most comprehensive program that we can within a weekend retreat; the BoT’s commitment to the organization, volunteers, and staff; the small, but highly-qualified and hard working staff that I get to work with; and I love my job within the organization.  Grant writing is a good fit for me, because I enjoy doing things that are logical and crunching numbers, so to speak. I like seeing the big picture in an organization and finding ways to fine tune and push us to become a little more accountable and inclusive.

Have you ever attended a retreat and if so, in what capacity?

Even though I attended a final retreat day celebration a few times as a funder, I had not had an opportunity to attend a full retreat until last year.  I was able to attend the TX Mets retreat as a hospitality staff. It was such a moving experience for me, to be able to feel and see the emotional side of these retreats, which I had been writing about all of this time.  It was a wonderful opportunity for me, and my hopes are that the experience has helped me to paint a better picture for funders of what this program actually means to the women that we serve.

One thing you’d like the world to know about CfR that they may not already know?

The world needs to know how truly awesome this organization is, because of the people!  It is incredible to me that we have such a huge volunteer base that are SO committed to providing this program around the country and committed to the women!  The staff!! Wow! I don’t think I have ever worked with more capable, kind, and hardworking women. We run such a far reaching organization with very minimal staff and overhead.  Having worked for many non-profits, I don’t think that I have ever worked under a Board that is more dedicated, highly skilled, and more appreciative of the volunteers and staff than our Board is.

Encouraging words for a breast cancer survivor?

You may not walk away from a CfR retreat a “future” fly fisher woman, but I know that you will walk away rejuvenated from a weekend away from your cares; with new women (both staff and participants) as champions for you; and having felt a connection to nature that you maybe haven’t felt for a long time or ever.  So take a chance on yourself and apply for a CfR retreat!

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