• Offer a 2–1/2 day retreat for 14 women per retreat, at no cost to participants.
  • Provide fly-fishing instruction and breast cancer information in a setting that helps lessen isolation, providing a recreational activity with both physical and emotional benefits
  • Help participants go forward optimistically with new knowledge and new friends
  • Provide an experience that promotes coping and problem-solving skills
  • Provide methods to gain self-esteem, network, make new friends, and learn new skills as a commitment to the future.
  • Provide a forum to broaden understanding about breast cancer treatment and enable sharing among participants

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Physicians and breast center personnel recommend Casting for Recovery because they know that it helps provide tools needed for a healthier life (click HERE for more information on how Casting for Recovery can positively impact quality of life).

A Casting for Recovery weekend is about empowerment

Knowing little about fly fishing, women learn the basics while experiencing a spirit of trust and sharing that cannot be put into words.

See a sample Retreat ScheduleParticipating at your own comfort level, you will find new strength, joy, and confidence, leaving the retreat with a belief in your ability to master the challenges ahead.

The Casting for Recovery program has generated a wide circle of survivors whose new-found understanding and enthusiasm creates ripples outward in their communities, among their friends, families, and colleagues, helping improve the quality of their lives.


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