Bitterroot Valley

Program Coordinator:

Steve Olufsen
(585) 415-9970

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2021 Retreat Calendar

June 10-12, 2021 (Thu.-Sat.)
*Apply by April 1, 2021
Tailwater Lodge, Altmar, NY

Mission Moment

“The naturalist and environmentalist Kevin Scribner tells us that salmon make their way upstream by bumping repeatedly into blocked pathways until they find where the current is strongest. Somehow they know that the unimpeded rush of water means that there is no obstacle there, and so they enter this opening fervently, for though it is the hardest going, the way is clear.

The Morning Gathering on the final day of our retreat lays bare the memories of how the heart’s capacity to rise one more time after falling down, no matter how bruised, that such a drive lives in us too. Our volunteers demonstrate that mission with all their strength and kindness making entry into that powerful pathway so powerfully clear.”– Laura Olufsen, Upstate New York Participant Coordinator.


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