Program Coordinator:

Melissa Seyler

2021 Retreat Calendar

August 13-15, 2021
*Apply by June 4, 2021
Living Waters Ranch, Challis, ID

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Mission Moment

“We were fortunate enough to expand our Southern Idaho program to offer a second retreat. This new retreat was in the fall, and we had not accounted for the change in weather and daylight hours. On a chilly Sunday morning, we marched over to fish the ranch pond, per usual, and were shocked to see it was totally frozen! The river helpers and ranch staff started throwing rocks to break the ice with little success. We eventually busted some holes and had once of the best days of ice fishing you could imagine! By the time we sent our participants on their way, the golden glittery leaves of a changing season and warm sunshine on our faces stewarded everyone home safely with stories and bonds to last a lifetime.” –Morgan Buckert, Southwestern Idaho Volunteer


Ms. Heather Horton

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