Program coordinators:

Carole Ontiveros & Teresa Adams

2021 Retreat Calendar

This program is holding two retreats this year: one for women who live in southern CA, and one for those who live close to the central valley.

Please apply to the retreat that is closer to you.

September 6-8, 2021 (Mon-Wed)
*APPLY by June 25, 2021
Cedar Lake Camp,  Big Bear Lake, CA

October 15-17, 2021 
*APPLY by August 6, 2021
Wonder Valley Ranch Resort,  Sanger, CA

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Mission Moment:

As a team our first moment is at our first meal together before the retreat begins. It’s the time we put aside our lives and concerns for 2 ½ days. Our team generally agrees the fishing day is a common moment but slightly different reasons:

“The women meet water helpers, get in the water where all cares/woes no longer exist.”

“Seeing pure joy in their eyes not thinking of cancer.”

“Standing in the water hearing a woman say this is the best she has felt in 4 years.”

“They discover the disease does not define them and life can still be full of fun, friendship and adventure.”

-Teresa Adams, Casting for Recovery Southern California and Central/Southwest California


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