Program Coordinator:

Suzanne Gulick

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Mission Moment

There are so many moments that happen on every retreat and throughout the year. CfR-NorCal volunteers bring enthusiasm to the retreats. When participants arrive, within minutes they are smiling and laughing during their first “activity,” which is suiting up in fly fishing gear. It’s a kind of fashion show!

During the weekend, Staff and River Helpers bring knowledge (through medicine, therapy, fly fishing, or as a past participant), and make the current participants feel safe and special. The participants thank us for the moments they forget about their cancer, even if just for a day. We also have so much fun together and it’s what makes us all become part of memories that last a lifetime. Here’s a salute to every dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer with Casting for Recovery. We make a difference! – Suzanne Gulick, Northern California Program Coordinator.

2021 Retreat Calendar

August 27-29, 2021
*Apply by June 18, 2021
Circle 7 Ranch, Fall River Mills, CA

2021 Retreat Calendar

September 24-26, 2021
*Apply by July 16, 2021
Indian Creek Lodge, Douglas City, CA


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