What is a CFR retreat?

Our goal is helping one survivor at a time focus on the road to recovery.

Casting for Recovery offers free, 2½ day retreats for 14 participants, the maximum number recommended for small group dynamics as well as for educational and psycho-social benefits. Fly-fishing instruction is the means used to help women gain skills to cope with recovery from breast cancer.

We focus on wellness.

In addition to learning fly-fishing skills, participants are provided with medical education and guided by trained facilitators who help participants explore their own recovery process. Casting for Recovery’s welcoming environment—free of the constraints of treatment, family responsibility, and financial concerns—helps women take charge of their own wellness.

We focus on quality of life issues.

The retreat program is designed to help women participate at their own pace, take time to care for themselves, engage in self-exploration, and acquire the mastery of new, fun skills—helpful tools when women return to the demands of their day-to-day lives.

We expand support and create new opportunities for survivors.

Whether women are undergoing treatment, or are ten years beyond it, participants find that they share a common bond, can help each other address issues that arise post-treatment, and share an inspiration that often goes beyond what is available to them in their everyday lives.

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Why a retreat?

Seeing other women at different stages of the journey, understanding the challenges and joys that other women in similar or totally different circumstances are experiencing, visualizing outcomes besides fear—this is what makes the Casting for Recovery experience so powerful.

The retreats are for YOU.

Too often women have had to fit treatment and medical appointments into the narrow slots between the demands of households, partners, children, and jobs. But at CFR retreats, they are able to relax and focus on themselves and their path to recovery.

Why fly fishing and breast cancer?

The dynamics of fly fishing provide a healing connection to the natural world, relieving everyday stressors and promoting a sense of calm. Fly-fishing casting techniques provide gentle exercise for joints and soft tissue.