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Thank you for wanting to learn more about Casting for Recovery's unique quality of life program. We've been a leader in the field for 17 years now and are so proud of our mission, our 1,500+ volunteer base across the United States, and our many sponsors, supporters, and friends.

Several documents are available to provide background on our program. For additional inquires and requests for photographs, please contact info@castingforrecovery or call  802-362-9181.

"About Casting for Recovery" is available here. "Frequently Asked Questions" contains common questions and answers about CFR. Click here to download. View our recent PSA video "Voice of Courage" here.

Casting for Recovery was profiled by the New York Times and featured on the Today Show.



                November 11, 2010


To read the New York Times' article (11/11/10)  profiling Casting for Recovery, click here:


"It is extremely moving to be involved with a program that changes people's lives. You need only listen to one woman's story of her experience of attending a Casting for Recovery retreat to know why we became the national sponsor of this extraordinary organization four years ago, and why the relationship continues to resonates today.... 
To be part of a process that so profoundly changes lives is a privilege." 

Under Armour
CFR Premier Sponsor