CfR Michigan

Program Coordinators:

Jill Plate & Sandy Thomley

Casting for Recovery Michigan is proud to announce it will again be serving Michigan breast cancer survivors beginning with a retreat in 2016. Any woman who resides in Michigan and has received a breast cancer diagnosis will be eligible to apply.

CfR retreats take women out of a clinical setting and into nature, where they can relax, share their cancer experience with other survivors, and learn the therapeutic sport of fly fishing. Our retreats also include counseling and medical education and are provided at no cost to the participants.

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Retreat Calendar

CfR Michigan is under new leadership and will hold its next retreat in 2016!


CfR Michigan Relaunches
Sandy Thomley and Jill Plate are the two new Program Coordinators for the CfR Michigan Program. They are in the early stages of planning, fundraising, recruiting volunteers and conducting outreach for their 2016 retreat. If you are interested in volunteering, donating or supporting their efforts, please contact them at the email listed above!




We have some exciting events planned. Please check back soon!

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